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Smoke anywhere without harming yourself or those around you with our electronic vapor cigarettes.

Easily refill your electronic cigarettes with our affordable and safe e-liquids and mechanical mods.

Established in November 2013  |  Member of the Gardendale Chamber of Commerce  |  Member of the Birmingham Vapors Group™

Who We Are

Quit smoking cancer-causing substances — indulge in the healthy alternative with the e-cigarettes available from PURE ESSENCE. Our professionals provide unique electronic vaping products online and at our store in Gardendale, Alabama. We even have a counselor on staff for people who seriously want to quit smoking, dipping, or have COPD and wish to join our cessation programs. Many companies offer this for their employees as well. Our associates pride themselves on their exceptional customer service. We take the time to know our customers' needs and make sure that you have the best vaping experience possible.


Contact us today to begin your journey to healthier habits with our vapor e-cigarettes.

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